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YMCA & Common Market Partner to Share the Harvest


"Our partnership with The Common Market allows us to share the harvest on a much larger scale than our students can produce within our early learning gardens. Through Y early learning centers, The Common Market distributes fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to families within our community that might not have access to them otherwise."

Two Atlanta SQF-certified companies talk food safety and how they serve their markets

Independent Processor

"We are the only local food hubs in the country to have SQF certification,” said Lily Rolader, director of The Common Market Southeast. “The reason we explored the SQF certification is that we want to play a role in legitimizing the local food space and making our customers feel comfortable to local food is safe."

Supporting children and families with fresh, healthy food

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

"The Common Market is a food hub founded in 2008 in Philadelphia to overcome the multiple barriers that stand between local institutions and the food grown in their region. Not only does The Common Market work with institutions to help them increase local food purchases, it also works with farmers to help them earn quality certifications and implement best practices, and to handle food distribution logistics. After great success in Philadelphia, The Common Market launched a second hub in Atlanta in 2016."

Farm Share Program Brings Harvest to Campus

Georgia Tech News Center

"Marcela Moreno, a research associate at the Strategic Energy Institute, signed up for the program during its first season and found that it has revolutionized how she shops...[she] noted that it’s more affordable than other produce subscriptions she has tried, and the amount is manageable. It also forces her, at times, to be more creative with her cooking and try new foods."

Good Food for the Common Good

Carolina Alumni Review

Rolader says The Common Market is trying to build a regional food system that develops more personal connections between producers and consumers by 'giving farmers a chance to tell their story.'

Common Market Georgia Earns Leading SQF Certification

Growing Georgia

"Today’s consumers are expecting more from their food, and that means expecting more from the entire food chain. While the majority of food service providers in the institutional marketplace would prefer to offer their patrons fresh, local food, the issue of getting certifiably safe products from independent producers is a major hurdle. For The Common Market Georgia, that’s no longer a problem."

Common Market Georgia Earns Leading Safe Quality Food Certification

Metro Atlanta CEO

"Based in Atlanta, The Common Market Georgia is the only local food hub in the region to receive the Safe Quality Foods certification and is second only to its flagship The Common Market Mid-Atlantic, which became the first local food hub in the nation to receive the certification in 2016."

Easy being green

Creative Loafing

“Food touches every part of our lives,” says Georgia director Lily Rolader. “It’s reaching you at the hospital down the road or where you drop your kids off at school. We want to create the infrastructure to make it possible for farmers to move food and make it easy for our customers to get good food.”