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We’ve all witnessed the power of the local community this past year. Despite the uncertainty that has surfaced, one thing has remained constant: When we come together, we can make a huge impact.


How does it work?

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The Common Market is a mission-driven distributor of regional farm products. We partner with farmer and grower networks and handle the distribution of their local products — ensuring you get easy access to some of the best foods our regions have to offer.

We serve customers in the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast and the Texas area through wholesale local food distribution, The Common Market Farm Share and local initiatives. Choose your location to learn more about our services.

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Introducing: The Farm-Fresh Box Program

Farm Fresh Box Pack

The Common Market launched the Farm-Fresh Box program in partnership with their farmer networks and in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Our Farm-Fresh Boxes are packed with care by our teams and contain fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. We deliver these individualized, food-safe boxes with minimal handling and maximum efficiency to our most convenient, community-based aggregation points — hospitals, community centers, childcare facilities, churches, etc.

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