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Easy being green

Creative Loafing

“Food touches every part of our lives,” says Georgia director Lily Rolader. “It’s reaching you at the hospital down the road or where you drop your kids off at school. We want to create the infrastructure to make it possible for farmers to move food and make it easy for our customers to get good food.”

Lehigh University pledges shift to 20 percent "real food" by 2020

The Morning Call

"When the university started partnering with The Common Market in 2015, the university went from having about 7 or 8 products from “real” food sources to over 100 products, including local yogurt, cage-free eggs, antibiotic-free turkey and more..."

Helping hospitals get healthy

Food Management

A joint effort by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and The Common Market, Good Food, Healthy Hospitals is transforming the food environment at many Philadelphia hospitals. And in doing so, making it easier for patients, visitors and staff to make better choices that can improve their health.


Wharton Magazine

With local food access problems solved through partnerships with hospitals, schools, and universities, and their Philadelphia nonprofit business earning $4.5 million in revenue this year, the married couple are now tackling national food access with their proven model.

Just what the doctor ordered

Creative Loafing

"For many [Georgians], their lack of nutrition isn’t a choice, she says; it’s a lack of access to healthy food options."

Non-Profit group offers small farmers wholesale opportunity

Georgia Farm Bureau

"Enter The Common Market Georgia, a nonprofit food distributor designed to soften the financial blow small farmers face when getting into the business of selling to wholesalers while giving wholesale customers access to more locally grown food."