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Deep Roots

Georgia Trend

Small and urban farms are flourishing after helping Georgians weather the COVID storm.

“It does feel like this type of work has a mission, a community aspect and a human significance.”

This Thanksgiving, Let’s Celebrate Our 10 Favorite Foodpreneurs

The Story Exchange

"Garcia-Granados was shocked to see how many people in her Philadelphia Strawberry Mansion neighborhood had health-related diseases. After digging to the root of the problem — lack of access to nutritious food — Garcia-Granados and her husband founded The Common Market, a nonprofit that connects local farms to public schools, hospitals and workplaces. The NGO currently functions in the mid-Atlantic region, Southeast and Texas."

Counting the Hidden Costs of Food Adds Up to Real Progress | Opinion


"Results don't lie. If we stacked up initiatives like SFHC, The Common Market, Community Managed Natural Farming and others against industrial agriculture, there wouldn't be any contest. Clearly, doing the right thing as a food producer is a choice with huge positive impacts across a wide range of challenges—poverty, hunger, nutrition, health, climate, justice. If the world could compare, we'd never go back."

The Benefits of Farm to School ft. the Texas Farm Fresh Network

Texas Department of Agriculture

"The best part about selling local foods to Texas schools is the partnerships and the community that it brings about, shared The Common Market Texas executive director Margaret Smith. "People light up when they receive a delivery of farm fresh local produce that is grown with integrity — the quality and flavor is bursting, and you can really tell that the family farmer worked hard to bring that food to your community."

3 Nonprofit Leaders Offer Advice on Surviving and Thriving During Crises

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

"Before the pandemic, the organization had created a food distribution network that included things like trucks and warehouses as well as strong relationships with food producers. So when the pandemic struck and the food chain was disrupted, the nonprofit was well-positioned to pivot toward meeting urgent hunger needs."

How Six Food Producers are Redefining Success and Driving a New Kind of Progress

SEE Change

"But The Common Market’s approach is anything but typical, connecting urban communities with family farms and sourcing food from small and local producers. The Common Market (which co-author Haile Johnston co-founded) is democratizing food access and creating a thriving market for locally grown and produced foods, which too often are shut out of procurement processes."

Campbell Soup Company Launches Program to Advance School Nutrition


"Core partners in this effort include the Camden City School District, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, The Common Market, Food Bank of South Jersey, FoodCorps, National Farm to School Network, Wellness in the Schools, Aramark and New Jersey American Water. These organizations, several of whom have been longstanding partners, will support nutrition education and training for students and staff, procurement of fresh, local foods and measurement for the program."

PRESS RELEASE: DeLauro, Coalition of Advocates Announce Bill to Increase USDA Fresh Produce Purchases

United States Representative Rosa DeLauro

"Relying on local supply chains to support emergency feeding programs presents an opportunity to center quality, cultural relevance, and nutrition — facets not often associated with emergency feeding responses," said Haile Johnston, co-founder of The Common Market, a nonprofit regional food distributor responsible for delivering nearly 1 million local food boxes to communities across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions in response to COVID-19 last year. "Offering fresh, nutrient-dense, and culturally appropriate foods is critical to an equitable emergency response effort, providing stability and dignity for recipients during a time of great uncertainty and loss."