The Common Market in the News

Approved Contractors for the Farmers to Families Food Box Program

United States Department of Agriculture

“This is a new, innovative approach to provide critical support to American farmers and families, and USDA moved as expeditiously as federal procurement rules allow to stand up the program and solicit offers,” said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

The Common Market’s Mission-Driven Response to COVID-19 Nourishes Communities

National Farm to School Network

"It is organizations like The Common Market who are pushing the dialogue around what food justice and health equity means and how we all can emerge from this crisis with the evidence, tools, stories and relationships to push for lasting and transformational change in our food system."

Emergency relief campaign helps farmers and consumers

The Champion

"Assuring that people have access to nutritious, immune-boosting food is more important than ever. At the same time, those who provide the healthiest food possible must adapt to the changing landscape to stay afloat. Local farmers, food producers and farmers markets across metro Atlanta and Georgia must be able to plant, harvest and market their goods. In the current climate, this involves shifting to new models for selling and distributing their produce.”

The impact of COVID-19 on Texas farmers


In conjunction with the nonprofit, Texas Center for Local Food, in Elgin, The Common Market Texas is delivering thousands of pounds of local produce safely packed in individual boxes. The nonprofit is selling the food boxes; consumers are receiving vegetables and fruit chosen by Central and South Texas farmers. What's inside the box changes every week. The money goes directly to family farms, many of which are hurting due to the coronavirus.

Food organizations team up for farmers relief campaign


"Farmers, food producers and farmers markets across Georgia are motivated now more than ever to increase public access to nutritious, immune-boosting food, but they will need help to plant, harvest, and shift to new models for selling and distributing their produce."

Farm to School Efforts During COVID-19 Highlight Resilient Community Food Systems

National Farm to School Network

"The Common Market, a mission-driven distributor of regional farm products, is partnering with farmer and grower networks, school districts and other organizations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas to provide local food to sites serving grab-n-go feeding offerings to children and youth as well as seniors, families and communities in need. In New York, they partnered with Red Rabbit, a meal provider to New York City and surrounding areas, to deliver local apples to Harlem school meal sites. In New Jersey, they partnered with Newark Public Schools to deliver 160 cases of Frecon Farms apples to Newark school meal sites."

Houston community farms bloom with fresh alternatives to the grocery store

Culture Map Houston

"Houstonians who are more concerned about social distancing or want a more personal connection to their food should consider purchasing directly from a local farm. Sure, it’s great to know what produce is available or how it was grown, but buying directly from a local farm allows people to know who grew their produce."