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Produce Boxes Grow Rural-Urban Partnerships

Lancaster Farming

"Sometimes a produce box holds more than fresh vegetables and fruit.

It also contains the labor of Pennsylvania farmers and farm workers, truck drivers, relationship-building and evidence-based information from Penn State Extension staff, the passion of 4-H youth and leaders, a mission-focused community development group, the grit of a community organizer, locally grown fruit and vegetables from an innovative non-profit regional food distributor, and potential for growing healthy communities.

We are going to have to find a bigger box."

Reflections from the Philly Food World on COVID-19

Edible Philly

“People have been brave. Our drivers are out on the front lines, and they were like: ‘We’re here. We’re ready to serve.’ They didn’t hesitate. I’ll remember how brave the farmers were, too. I have been so impressed at how everyone has leaped in and said, ‘We are going to keep moving and figure out how to help each other.’”

Mayor de Blasio Announces City Has Distributed 100 Million Meals to New Yorkers Since March, Calls on Federal Government to Increase Funding for Food Assistance

The Official Website of the City of New York

“During this time of uncertainty, we are honored to invest in our small- to medium-scale farmers, and in turn, nourish New Yorkers in need of food access,” said The Common Market Mid-Atlantic’s Executive Director, Yael Lehmann. "Local, healthy, fresh food makes a difference in one's mental and physical well-being — we're proud to source and deliver it, and serve a part in the city's emergency food relief efforts."

Scanlon pays visit to Bennett Community Farm

Daily Times

“I think it’s a pretty good model for what we can do when we think more holistically,” said Scanlon. In addition to bringing fresh produce into “into an area where there’s food insecurity, and there’s not access to a lot of healthy foods… it expands and provides nutritional advice, it employs kids, it provides a community focus,” she said.

The farmstand got an earlier start in the spring with Foundation for Delaware County donations to distribute produce boxes. The produce is sourced from area farms through Philadelphia-based nonprofit Common Market, which has in turn received support through USDA programs, according to Farm Manager Natania Schaumburg.

The Common Market is Donating $3.9 Million of Fresh Produce to Locals Facing Food Insecurity

Green Philly

“[The Common Market Mid-Atlantic's Farmers to Families Program] is dearly appreciated and needed here in Philly where the boxes are being given to various individuals in the community who are now living semi-independently or independently in the community after having histories of homelessness, institutionalization, and group homes,” shared James Piasecki, Ph.D., a director at Resources for Human Development, Inc.

St. Luke's Pledges to Offer Nutritious, Locally Sourced Foods

St. Luke’s University Health Network

“Ensuring access to fresh, unrefined, locally-sourced food in our hospitals demonstrates our health system’s commitment to preventive care,” said SLUHN’s Amy Previato, MPH, CHES, Network Director, Employee Wellness Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine.

PA Preferred Day

Hatboro Horsham School District

Crooked Billet-Hallowell-Learning Community kicked off a new initiative called PA Preferred on October 16. PA Preferred is a program where all food served in the school district cafeteria is either grown, manufactured, or produced in PA. The Common Market farms were supported this year through the initiative.