The Common Market in the News

Tracing local products from a factory in New Jersey to a lunchtime stir-fry

The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Companies often discover businesses like Fresh Tofu through The Common Market, a food distributor with offices in Philadelphia, Georgia, and Texas. Unlike large food distribution corporations, The Common Market is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting local farmers and sustainable food to clients."

Good food is good health care

Metro Philadelphia

"Good Food, Healthy Hospitals is unique in that participating hospitals actively collaborate to make the healthy choice the easy choice and create systemic change in healthcare across Philadelphia," says Catherine Bartoli, Healthy Food Procurement Coordinator at the Philadelphia Department of Health.


The Philadelphia Citizen

For the last decade, The Common Market has spread affordable access to locally-sourced nutrient-dense food to the city’s neediest. Now its mission is spreading nationwide.

BIG FOOD Stars, Episode 2

Lunch Agenda

Our BIG FOOD Stars series continues in conversation with Daniel Abelson, Purchasing and Logistics Manager for Honeygrow, about how his BIG fast casual chain is scaling nationally, responsibly. Maddie Morales, Outreach Coordinator for The Common Market, chimes in about the impact restaurant chains that prioritize local sourcing can have on farmers and foodmakers.

Clients clammer for Pennsylvania Hospital’s local food options

Healthcare Without Harm

Rob Raichle, a Sodexo General Manager, is excited to buy local knowing that it’s a priority for the client and that as a hospital, their purchasing power makes a difference to smaller, nearby growers. “The Common Market provides that connection to make it all possible.”

Real Food, Real Challenge

Lehigh University Bulletin

Lauren Sleeger, director of Rathbone, said Lehigh’s affiliation with The Common Market, a nonprofit regional food distributor in Philadelphia that connects institutions like Lehigh with local, sustainable family farms and producers, has been a “game-changer."

The Common Market Farm Share: A Blue Apron for the workplace


Wellness programs at companies are still figuring out what works best for employees. Whether it’s a gym membership, fresh fruit days or healthier options in cafeterias, every company approaches the movement differently. To help out, one Pennsylvania nonprofit has been selling farm fresh products directly to workplaces.


Green Philly Blog

Community supported agriculture, or CSA, was created to connect food producers and consumers by allowing consumers to purchase “shares” of a farm’s seasonal harvest. The consumer then gets a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh local produce, dairy products, meats, and more! This system is highly beneficial to both the consumer and the producer.