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Deep Roots

Georgia Trend

Small and urban farms are flourishing after helping Georgians weather the COVID storm.

“It does feel like this type of work has a mission, a community aspect and a human significance.”

Meet Our 30 Community Food Champions

National Farm to School Network

“For the past 3+ years, Corey has been a pivotal, behind-the-scenes player in ensuring our fresh, nutritious food reaches our food service teams, students and partners alike safely and smoothly. His contagious positive attitude, resilient spirit, and direct action ensures safe, clean, beautiful food gets picked up from our farms, gets inspected for safety and quality, and ultimately reaches our region's schools and beyond.”

USDA: The Common Market, Part 2

USDA Food And Nutrition Service (SERO)

In part 2 of this series, Bill Green discusses The Common Market’s mission to connect communities with good food from sustainable family farms. They strive to improve food security, farm viability and community and ecological health.

When the Common Market Southeast began producing USDA Farmers to Families Food Boxes, they were able to hire 34 additional people to work on their production lines, and as drivers. The Food Boxes provide farm fresh produce to create thousands of meals each week. Currently, the distributor is producing 15,000 boxes a week.

Despite Bumpy Rollout, Food Box Program Supports Farmers and Hungry Americans

National Farmers Union

"For the farmers, it’s been a win-win – providing support for those in need while also providing an opportunity to keep their farms afloat. 'Seeing our shiitake mushrooms reaching local communities warms our hearts and makes us proud of what we do every day,' shared Howard Berk of Ellijay Mushrooms, a mushroom farm located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 'The Common Market has given us a lifeline in these uncertain times with the opportunity to supply our mushrooms in the USDA farm boxes.'”

USDA: The Common Market, Part 1

USDA Food And Nutrition Service (SERO)

The Bugg Farm works with their partner distributor The Common Market to distribute their products to places that may be nutrient starved. Now, working side-by-side, Addis Bugg and his son Addis Bugg Jr. are caring for their farm and finding new ways to expand their thriving farm business.

Food organizations team up for farmers relief campaign


"Farmers, food producers and farmers markets across Georgia are motivated now more than ever to increase public access to nutritious, immune-boosting food, but they will need help to plant, harvest, and shift to new models for selling and distributing their produce."

Southwest Georgia Project launches crop planning workshop

The Southwest Georgia Project for Community Education Inc. will launch its crop planning workshop in collaboration with The Common Market and Global Growers...The Southwest Georgia Project, The Common Market and Global Growers are all community-based organizations that strive to meet consumer demands for locally grown produce by connecting farmers to consumers. The objective of the crop planning workshop is to train socially disadvantaged farmers on proper record-keeping, crop planning, and succession planting.