The Common Market in the News

Despite Bumpy Rollout, Food Box Program Supports Farmers and Hungry Americans

National Farmers Union

"For the farmers, it’s been a win-win – providing support for those in need while also providing an opportunity to keep their farms afloat. 'Seeing our shiitake mushrooms reaching local communities warms our hearts and makes us proud of what we do every day,' shared Howard Berk of Ellijay Mushrooms, a mushroom farm located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 'The Common Market has given us a lifeline in these uncertain times with the opportunity to supply our mushrooms in the USDA farm boxes.'”

College of Medicine and American Heart Association Team Up with The Common Market to Provide Food to Underserved Communities

University of Houston

"Recognizing the additional struggles many low-income Houstonians are now facing due to the pandemic, the University of Houston College of Medicine and American Heart Association joined forces with The Common Market to deliver 100 boxes of high quality, farm fresh produce to two public housing complexes just blocks from UH."

Recipient Letrivia James called it a “blessing”. “This is amazing. God is so good and I really appreciate it,” she said.

USDA: The Common Market, Part 1

USDA Food And Nutrition Service (SERO)

The Bugg Farm works with their partner distributor The Common Market to distribute their products to places that may be nutrient starved. Now, working side-by-side, Addis Bugg and his son Addis Bugg Jr. are caring for their farm and finding new ways to expand their thriving farm business.

Feeding People in a Pandemic


"So when The Common Market offered Ellijay Mushrooms space in its USDA food boxes for three of the total six weeks, it felt like a godsend. “This is a game changer,” says Berk, adding that the farm hasn’t had to lay anyone off. “Those three weeks will help keep the farm afloat.”

The Common Market is Donating $3.9 Million of Fresh Produce to Locals Facing Food Insecurity

Green Philly

“[The Common Market Mid-Atlantic's Farmers to Families Program] is dearly appreciated and needed here in Philly where the boxes are being given to various individuals in the community who are now living semi-independently or independently in the community after having histories of homelessness, institutionalization, and group homes,” shared James Piasecki, Ph.D., a director at Resources for Human Development, Inc.

Northwest Houston church cooks up a plan to feed furloughed neighbors

Houston Chronicle

"After starting Furlough Kitchen Houston, Bledsoe received a message on social media from the Common Market Texas, a mission-driven distributor of sustainable, local farm foods. The nonprofit donates fresh produce to the church, creating a unique fundraising opportunity. When families purchase The Common Market Texas produce boxes at St. Stephen’s, the sale becomes a donation to help the church continue preparing meals. 'People love the boxes, and they’re really pleased with what’s in them,' Bledsoe said. 'It’s hard to beat super-fresh produce.’"