Our goal is to distribute more than 400,000 healthy meal equivalents in 2022 through Food Access Fund partnerships!

The Common Market Food Access Fund partners have a lot in common. They are passionately committed to their people. They are advocates of good health. They are essential.

And, we cannot let them down. This year, we set out to raise $20,000 before the start of the new year to keep our Food Access Fund viable for our communities.


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Food Access Fund partners Greener Partners and their local food ambassadors, Family Feeding Family (FFF), lead a free food distribution each Friday in West Philly.


Why give?

Our Food Access Fund (FAF) is deeply rooted in our mission. Embodying both community and food security—our FAF provides discounted pricing to mission-driven organizations committed to alleviating food insecurity in their neighborhoods. Over the years, we’ve seen the funds come alive within childhood education centers, community farm stands, recently through our Farm-Fresh Box Program, and beyond.

Beneficiaries are primarily low-income, urban communities where access to healthy fresh food is scarce, hunger is high, and diet-related diseases are prevalent.

Many of our Food Access Fund community partners could not effectively budget and consistently receive our food without these funds.

“Receiving the Food Access Fund discount means everything to my community.” — Erica Lewis, food service manager at The Caring Center, a West Philly-based childcare center

"Each week we buy produce from The Common Market to distribute for free to over 150 families and seniors in the Belmont and Mantua neighborhoods of West Philly, as well as around 100 families in Norristown and Chester. These are neighborhoods of food apartheid, where fresh, high-quality, affordable, culturally relevant food is hard to find in stores." — Jenny Dunker, Program Manager, Greener Partners


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Where will my money go?

Directly into our communities! Donations will serve community organizations, food access nonprofits, schools, early childcare education centers, and more throughout our regions: Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Texas.

Every little bit counts.

Filling the Food Access Fund will serve as a lever for building more community partnerships, increasing economic activity for our farmers and producers, and ultimately, fostering good health and food sovereignty in our communities!

"Our clients have faced so much through the pandemic, and the uncertainty that has come along with it. We have received great feedback from our families and seniors on the quality and freshness of the food. It has made a huge difference." — Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM), Houston, TX


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Help us reach our goal!

And while our food access partnerships continue to yield meaningful impact, they have also garnered the attention of the philanthropic community. Earlier this month, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation formally announced The Common Market as a 2021 Healthy Communities grantee! The Kroger Co. Foundation also awarded The Common Market Southeast’s chapter a grant to fuel Food Access Fund partnerships.

Our goal is to distribute more than 400,000 healthy meal equivalents in 2022 specifically through Food Access Fund partnerships!

As you all know, the need for fresh, nutritious foods persists. Help us build on this momentum and secure fresh food for hundreds more!

"The Food Access Fund allows us to really magnify our commitment to getting families quality fresh food on a regular basis." — Jeremy Lewis, Executive Director, Urban Recipe, Atlanta, GA


What was the impact from last year's campaign?

Last fall, our Food Access Funds were effectively depleted as we entered into month 7 of the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, community came forward. We saw mutual aid community fridges pop up in neighborhoods across our major metro areas, fresh produce boxes reaching our cities, churches, schools and various nonprofits to be distributed to those in need. And, you all came through to help us raise nearly $10,000 to fill our Food Access Fund.

It went straight into our communities!

In 2021, we distributed more than 1,058,067 pounds of fresh, healthy food from our farms to 34 Food Access Fund partner communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Texas!


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A community member affiliated with Urban Recipe, a Food Access Fund partner in Atlanta, GA.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!