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Help us Help Others: "Fill the Food Access Fund"

We’ve all witnessed the power of the local community this past year. Despite the uncertainty that has surfaced, one thing has remained constant: When we come together, we can make a huge impact.

Let's come together to Fill the Food Access Fund. Make a donation in support of vulnerable communities and healthy food access!

A donation can help us bring emergency relief to both the acute and chronic issues that arise due to hunger. As we actively fight against a global pandemic and extreme weather events in Texas, we call on you, the community, to help us combat food insecurity.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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Why give?

Economic access is often the final barrier to healthy food consumption, and we know the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated financial hardships for low-income families. Incentivizing healthy food purchasing through discounts is one of the most effective ways to increase consumption of healthy food.


Why The Common Market?

This November, The Common Market was one of 10 global organizations to be named a "Beacon of Hope'' by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. We are beyond honored to see our nonprofit’s story of creativity, adaptability, and resilience in response to COVID-19 gain exposure, but we recognize our work is not done. Our physical infrastructure will position us to get the job done effectively. Our meaningful relationships built between rural farmers and our community partners will motivate us. The Common Market transcends the role of vendor, but it's not without the help of our ecosystem of advocates and supporters. Help us replenish our ability to reach communities far and wide!



"The Common Market’s mission demonstrates that addressing food insecurity demands looking beyond food production and distribution alone. It’s even about more than nourishment—it’s a sense of community, connection, and grounding and appreciation in place." — Beacons of Hope Case Study, November 2020

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Where will my money go?

Directly into our communities!

Established in 2015, The Common Market Food Access Fund awards a 25% off discount for food purchases that will serve community organizations working directly with vulnerable populations. In the past, our Food Access Fund partnerships have come alive within childhood education centers, community farm stands, and most recently through our new food access program: The Farm-Fresh Box Program.

Filling the Food Access Fund will serve as a lever for building more community partnerships, increasing economic activity for our farmers and producers, and ultimately, incentivizing healthier lifestyles for low-income populations.

A donation of $15.00-$20.00 could translate to a box full of fresh produce, fit for a family, providing meals for about 1 week. Every little bit counts.

Help us Fill the Food Access Fund, and directly serve communities in our regions of the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Texas.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!