Welcome to the Farm-Fresh Box Program!

The Common Market is pleased to partner with Texas family farms to bring you safe, fresh, nutritious foods through our Farm-Fresh Box Program.

Below, we will identify the contents you should find within your box. We value transparency, and so we make it a top priority to not only let you know what items you'll receive, but also its farm and city of origin.

By eating this food, you're not only nourishing your body, you're securing the livelihood of our hardworking farmers and their families! So, thank you! On behalf of our nonprofit and our network of growers, we hope you enjoy and feel comfort during this time.

We appreciate your understanding if Mother Nature requires us to make a last-minute adjustment to your box.

Here's what to Expect!

Week of 6/1/2020:

  • Green Lettuce - Country Boy Farms, Kennard, TX
  • Zucchini - Middle Ground Farm, Bastrop, TX
  • Mushrooms - Kitchen Pride Mushrooms, Gonzales, TX
  • Collard Greens - Gundermann Acres, Glen Flora, TX
  • Cucumbers - Gundermann Acres, Glen Flora, TX
  • Corn - Gundermann Acres, Glen Flora, TX