Edible Brooklyn: Connect with Farmers in Your Backyard

The Common Market is committed to connecting restaurants with local farms—making it easy to source the finest local ingredients.

Delivering 6 days a week, the mission-driven local food distributor brings seasonal produce, meats, cheeses, grocery items, fish and more from 100+ NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD and VA-based farms to restaurants, retailers, institutions, and local communities.

Meet the Farmers

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The Common Market farmer network includes Radicle Farm. These hydroponic growers occupy 2 greenhouse spaces in New Jersey and upstate New York, employing both rural and urban growers to supply vibrant salad greens and herbs.


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The network also includes Cassaday Farms of Monroeville, NJ. This multi-generational family business farms 1,500 acres of non-GMO produce using integrated pest management to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Featuring: Sunny Harvest

Not even 2 hours from your kitchen lies the lush bounty of Lancaster County. A region rich with produce and farmers making a valuable difference in the way our food is grown.

One such farm is Sunny Harvest.

Rooted in tradition, and overflowing with creativity, Sunny Harvest Produce is a cooperative of 22 rural Lancaster farms. Each family-owned and operated farm contributes to Sunny Harvest’s expansive selection, offering a varied cornucopia of produce year round.

"Sunny Harvest is a solid farm partner for us," says Rachel Steinhauser of Farm To People, a small-batch and artisanal food market based in New York City. "The quality of the produce we get from Sunny Harvest consistently exceeds our expectations. Everything always looks fresh, and more importantly, always tastes amazing."

The farmers are also open to and excited to grow innovative produce for their customers.

"We are open to whatever customers want us grow," says Michael Esh, owner of Sunny Harvest. "If someone wants a crop, we can grow it for them."

"We are open to whatever customers want us grow," says Michael Esh, owner of Sunny Harvest. "If someone wants a crop, we can grow it for them."

Tempting Tidbits from Sunny Harvest

Summer yields are still plentiful, but The Common Market and its farmer network are gearing up for exciting new growth this Fall.

Most enticing are the soon-to-be here squash varietals: Koginut, Honeynut and Red Kuri squash.

  • Koginut squash: an heirloom seed brain-child from Chef Dan Barber, combining butternut squash and kabocha, velvety smooth and delightfully sweet.
  • Honeynut squash: a petit version of butternut squash, diminished size but with extra large flavor.
  • Red Kuri: aka Hokkaido Pumpkin, is a medium sized squash and the new ‘it’ pie filling.

All produce farms represented in The Common Market network are GAP certified (Good Agricultural Practices). Connect with Sunny Harvest and the rest of The Common Market farmer network, and access some of the cleanest, safest ingredients this region has to offer.


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